Tips and Best Practices for Helping Your Business Survive COVID-19

Tips and Best Practices for Helping Your Business Survive COVID-19

Being a small business owner is always hard work, but with the pandemic going on, you’ve likely got to work even harder to stay afloat. Keeping customers, making employees feel safe, and maintaining your revenue will all present a challenge even as some of the country begins reopening. Below, find a few ideas for adapting and thriving in the new environment created by the pandemic. 


Expand Your Client Base 


If you are struggling to maintain the same number of customers or patrons, you might need to change your approach to find new clientele. Here are a few ideas to try out. 


  • Find clients by offering your services on a freelance basis. 

  • Offer new services, such as virtual consultations, estimates, or classes

  • Increase your presence on social media to attract new customers. 

  • Hire Visual Filmworks to make informative how-to videos to help your clients while they’re stuck at home. 


Boost Your Sales


During these times, connecting with customers and showing them we’re all in this together can have a powerful impact. But as a small business owner, you also have to think of ways to replace lost income so you can stay afloat. These ideas might help. 


  • Offer a promotion, sale, or special offer to bring back customers. 

  • Start selling gift cards for some immediate cash flow. 

  • Allow customers to place orders online and offer curbside pickup. 

  • Start selling some of your products online with an e-commerce store


Improve Your Store


If you have a physical location, making changes to it can also help put your patrons at ease and increase your business. These are a few ideas to consider. 



Even as some of the country begins reopening, it’s important to keep in mind that it will be a long time until things can go back to normal. Moreover, a lot of the changes brought on by the pandemic might be here to stay. Finding new ways to connect with clients, changing your sales approach, and implementing new safety procedures in your business can all help you succeed as a small business owner. 

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