While written content is essential for your SEO, slowly but surely, video is taking over in terms of popularity. Today, people prefer to read less content and watch more videos to consume information. This makes video not only a vital form of education and entertainment but also advertising. It’s no wonder why so many businesses and non-profits want to engage in video marketing.

However, when video marketing is carried out without an efficient strategy, a business could receive little to no engagement. To help you ensure your promotional video delivers positive results, Visual Filmworks has listed three of the most common challenges faced with video marketing.

1. Not preparing a game plan
A video marketing strategy or game plan is essential to create a video that meets your goals of engaging your target audience. Without this, your video will lack direction and the right substance to attract clients. If you plan on using the same strategy you used for your last marketing video, we strongly suggest that you start again as video strategies will need to change to meet new concepts, goals, deadlines, etc. Some quick tips to help you prepare your video marketing strategy are:

a. Create a schedule for publishing
b. Create short videos
c. Create educational videos
d. Always have a call to action

2. Producing content that is not compelling
You may know what your marketing message is, but do you know the best way to showcase it? The kind of video you create to deliver your marketing message can either make a significant impact on your audience or have no effect at all. A few ways in which you make your content compelling to your viewers is by:

a. Creating a video series
b. Creating client testimonial videos with real stories

3. Choosing video production options based on pricing
With the affordability of video production increasing every year, video marketing has grown popular among different businesses, non-profits, and other organizations. The price of producing marketing videos has dropped significantly because cheaper equipment like cameras, drones, and software are readily available to anyone and everyone. And, quite often, choosing cheap video production options usually involves hiring inexperienced producers who use cheap equipment and produce low-quality content.

As a result, besides considering price points, it’s also essential to look for the right talent with quality equipment when choosing your video production options. Before you start a project, you can do a bit of research to see if the project you envision is something that can be done in house or is something that will require a true professional. Based on your research results, you can make your decision.

At Visual Filmworks, we are happy to discuss your marketing goals and determine how we can help you achieve them. We specialize in corporate and commercial video production services in Chicago, Illinois, and we are excited to tell your story, inspire your industry, reach your clients, and get you results. We excel in the art of creating breathtaking videos that captivate audiences. We craft everything we create with heart, meaning, and joy. At the same time, we do not stop until you are satisfied with the videos we produce.

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