With the migration of real estate listings online for convenience and broader visibility, the way in which people buy and sell properties has changed significantly. Today, property listing platforms mandate sellers to feature images and videos of their properties to show prospects what their house or building looks like. Sadly, most sellers see this as a chore rather than an opportunity to attract more buyers to their listing with strategic visuals showcasing what people long for in a residence.

Those who do realize the potential of real estate visuals believe that it’s as easy as pointing at the key features and taking in a photo. But in reality, showcasing the functionality and features of a house through images and videos is more technical than one anticipates. Fortunately, production experts who understand the real estate market and what makes buyers tick can efficiently take pictures and create stunning videos that emphasize the aesthetics and function of property.

If you’re looking for a professional to take over your real estate visual requirements to ensure results, Visual Filmworks has just the skills to help you. We speak the real estate language and know how to wow potential clients with quality real estate visuals. Moreover, after completing several media projects in this industry from realtor overview videos to videos for property listings, we have gained sufficient experience to produce outstanding content for our clients. Currently, our team works alongside various real estate specialists like developers, brokers, property managers, and investors to create engaging content that not only helps them sell but become a market leader in their industry.

Our real estate photography and videography solutions are designed to help your property get noticed. As a result, our real estate content is much more than a simple drone flying over a house. It genuinely tells the story of the home and highlights all of its beauty and functions.

The content solutions we provide to the real estate industry include the creation of engaging content like photos and videos that will get your property in front of more buyers on the internet and, in turn, higher bids.

To offer our clients choices and options, we have created a variety of videography and photography packages ranging from $100 to $2000 depending on the scale of your property and your expectations. After meeting with you and getting a better idea of what you need from your photography and videography, we usually set up a custom quote to meet your unique needs. If you’d like to get a quote today, give us a call at (872) 356-8135 or email us at visualfilmworks@gmail.com.

Visual Filmworks is a corporate and commercial video production company in Chicago, Illinois, and we aim to tell your story through film and images. We specialize in creating breathtaking videos that captivate audiences and are crafty with our content to ensure it subtly nudges clients to meet your call to action.

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