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Like many businesses, the daily routine here at Visual Filmworks has been abnormal since the Coronavirus outbreak. A handful of our clients have needed to postpone or reschedule their projects due to this worldwide outbreak. Many of our clients’ work revolve around large events, or corporations with a gathering of a lot of people. With the way things are currently these events are not possible. Wether that is Conferences, Trade Shows, Charity Events, Workshops, etc… many of the events we rely on have been canceled or postponed.

This isn’t all negative news though. In fact I see a positive side to this.

Let me explain:

Understandably many of our current client projects that involve a large group of people have been postponed for a later day. This includes projects where we were physically showing up to a large event and filming to small projects that were being filmed to be used for a large event. As hard as it is canceling these events and projects is the right thing to do and is everyone’s responsibility to help “flatten the curve” and help the most vulnerable among us not overwhelm the healthcare system all at once.

With all these cancelations what is the bright side to this?

Well people still need your product and services. Many of these people are now out of school, off at work, etc… and are stuck at home looking for something to consume other than the news.

  • Create a virtual experience. So you have to cancel your educational conference. What if you do a pre recorded or live streamed presentation and broadcast it to those who would have attend. Think of it as an online conference experience.
  • Work on your business, not in your business. I know for us here at Visual Filmworks we often get so caught up in creating video production and photography content for others that we never create anything for our own business. Now is the chance for you to get a head of the competitors! Are you a Plummer? Start creating how to videos on fixing a leaking sink. Are you a Realtor? Start giving tips on the home buying process. Start building up content you can share through the year. There’s even a possibility you could become “YouTube Famous”  and make some passive income. 😉
  • Connect with previous clients. There is only so many Disney classics you can watch before your ready to do something else. With so many people staying at home right now why not give a previous client a call. If you can’t do a call what if you sent out an announcement video to some previous clients? Who knows where your conversation can lead, and maybe when things get a little less crazy they will be thinking of you and your services again.

These are only 3 things to the many things you can be doing right now. We know that this is going to be a hard time for a lot of businesses out there, but I believe this can also be a great opportunity for everyone out there.

Visual Filmworks is a Chicago Video Production company that specializes in creating breathtaking videos and photography that captivate the audience of our clients. As a business that is being impacted by COVID-19, we want to help others who are going through the same thing. Please let us know if can help. From producing an online workshop from start to finish, to only editing the videos you captured on your phone you want to use for YouTube. We would love to help you with any of your video production and photography needs in person or working remotely.

This is a hard time for everyone so we also are extending extra special pricing on our services. Just mentioned this post when you contact us.

Please reach out to us today if Visual Filmworks can assist you in anyway.


-Travis Heberling (Owner and Founder of Visual Filmworks)


Visual Filmworks is a Chicago Video Production and Photography company. We exists to tell your story, inspire your industry, reach your clients, and get you results. Book a consultation with us today to see how we can help your business.