While there are advantages to shooting DIY videos, you’ll find it more beneficial to create videos professionally. If you record a video on your phone, you can post it on Facebook or YouTube in a manner of minutes. However, the benefits end there. With an experienced video production company, it’s possible to create timeless video content that converts to revenue.

Professional producers know the essential ingredients that go into making a successful video. On the other hand, for a neophyte, it could take days, months, or even longer until they figure out the basics. At the same time, if you decide to rush the process, you could end up with a less than satisfying video that has zero impact. To help you get a better understanding of the problems linked with DIYs, Visual Filmworks has listed three reasons why a DIY video production is a bad idea.

1. Capturing poor quality audio.

A key element that goes into making a steller video is quality audio. Audio is vital to communicate the meaning of your video content and add some emotion to it. Unfortunately, this aspect of video production isn’t given the importance it deserves as most people solely focus on the visuals.

2. Taking shaky footage.

The quality of your visuals is equally essential for an impactful video; after all, your audience expects to see something impactful. But if you’re only used to capturing videos on a cellphone, you may find it challenging to record steady footage. For high-quality visuals, you’ll also need to know how to use different camera settings for the right effects. Understanding concepts like white balance, shutter speed, ISO, F-Stop, and focusing is crucial to create a brilliant masterpiece.

3. Struggling with the editing process.

Editing is another integral part of video production. It is also one of the most challenging aspects of the whole process. Editors are required to have sound working knowledge of specific computer software to stitch together a stunning product that’s attractive to your audience. It’s not a skill you can simply pick after a few Youtube tutorials as it takes time and practice to master.

Do things right – Hire a professional

You don’t realize how important audio quality is until you hear poor audio. Similarly, you don’t recognize how vital picture quality is until you see the final product. A video production company is well aware of these requirements before the actual filming begins.

By monitoring the acoustics on set and using high-quality microphones like boom mics, lav mics, etc., a professional can record crisp, clear sounds to accompany your video. They can also apply effects to the audio while editing to make it sound more precise.

To capture a still video, a professional will use something to make the camera steady like a monopod or tripod. That’s because every little detail matters and shaky video clips look very unprofessional.

Lastly, when it comes to editing the raw footage, a production company will only entrust the task to someone who has sufficient experience and relevant knowledge. You may say that without the footage you have nothing to work with. While that’s true, editing genuinely helps make a video magical. Production specialists understand the importance of incorporating B roll, transitions, and audio to videos, so it makes sense to trust them with your production needs.

As for the cost of professional production, it can be as small as $300 and can go up to $17000. The ultimate cost of your project comes down to what you require to get the job done.

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