If you’ve decided to include video marketing in your company’s marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you hire a skilled video producer, so that you receive a top quality video with innovative content. From idea to content, a professional video producer can handle various aspects of video production, including concept development, storyboarding, location scouting, editing, and budget planning.

They have the expertise required to create a quality video while adhering to time and budget constraints. Moreover, they have the technical skills needed to carry out complex visual effects and extensive editing. However, to save cost, companies often try to produce videos in-house or hire amateur video producers and are left disappointed by the quality of work they receive.

At Visual Filmworks, we understand the importance of well-executed pre and post-production processes and the value they offer clients. To help you obtain excellent video that makes you proud, here’s a list of the most common mistakes people make when creating a video, and how to avoid them.

1. Recording low-grade audio.

When it comes to video production, people often focus more on the quality of visuals and less on the audio. Unfortunately, low-grade audio can completely nullify the impact of a fantastic video. Poor sound quality can distract the viewer from the key message of the video, making it imperative that the storyline, the audio, and the visuals, are all engaging and top-notch.

2. Skipping pre-production.

Various elements go into the pre-production process of a video, like a storyline, set, actors, budget, and deadlines. Pushing your deadline, going over the budget, ending up with missing content from the storyline during editing and having to work with amateur actors, are just some of the problems that you might have to face if you do not plan the pre-production process.

3. Not taking time to edit.

Editing is a vital aspect of video production as it refines the raw footage and audio recorded to create the final product. It blends footage, audio, graphics, text, visual effects, and other elements together. An unedited video will not hold the attention of the viewer, which is why it is crucial to set aside time for video editing and hire a skilled video producer to handle it.

4. Not doing background research.

Amateur video producers often skip doing background research and jump right to the task of production instead. While you’ll be able to complete your project faster, the video will not help you accomplish your objectives or appeal to your target audience. Every client has unique requirements, goals and target audience, and for a video to be engaging and innovative, your video producer must understand them.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Visual Filmworks.

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